Later on during my run I took another pic, this time showing some old gasometers (not sure if they're even still in use, but I suspect not) with dramatic sunlight. This one should be titled something like "Solar Eclipses Gas" or "Solar Leaves Gas in the Shade".

I went for a run earlier this week and actually paused long enough to take some photos. These are the local tower cranes being used to build some new tower blocks (in an area where there are no tall buildings, so they'll stick out like a sore thumb, but anyway). When I see them at night, I mentally refer to them as the eyes of Sauron, because of the red lights on the top.

I took these pics because the light was pretty good. First pic I tried to get all the cranes in the frame and yeah, that worked, but it looks bland. Second pic doesn't really show the cranes properly, but the dramatic lighting works!


Once again, I have successfully Bread.

(The temptation to just eat it is really strong.)


Staying over at my sister's again, and I noticed this "wall of dog" hanging up. It's all pics of her last-but-one dog, Keira — a sort of shrine to her. And I notice there's one fake dog in there! 😉

So wow, yes, Keira met Kelsey when she was a puppy. She then lived to nearly ten years old, then they got another German Shepherd who is now eight. So that picture (centre left) shows Kelsey something like 18 years ago…! Time flies…


Oh geez, I am a dummy. I took a whole bunch of photos this morning before changing into more usable clothes for daytime, uploaded them, but completely forgot to actually make a post including them. Go me.

So, good spider-morning all!

(Sorry about the alt-texts. Also, there are 8 pictures, for those whose platforms only show them the first few.)

Ah, it's that time of year.
Oh good. I'd been feeling so incredibly tired and run-down today I was beginning to think I might have picked it up at CFz, especially as a few others I'd met have apparently tested positive.
And finally, bed time. (No, I did change before getting in 😉)

In the end, as I didn't have anywhere private to change, I just took my mask/hood/faceshell/lenses off in the car, tucked the hood in, and drove home in headless Spidey mode.

I stopped off to buy lunch at a Sainsbury's Local/petrol station, where several people commented (favourably) on the suit. Rather than eat while taking up one of their limited parking spaces I moved on to a free local council car park. As I was eating, a car parked beside mine and a dad got out with a small child and I heard "yes look, it's Spider-Man! And he's eating… a…sandwich…" I waved and said hi and "if you give me a minute I'll put my mask on" and they seemed to like it. 😁👍 (I should have prompted them to get a pic as I'm sure they're kicking themselves now for not having done so.)

I stopped off briefly a couple more times on the way home. Saw people looking a few times, think there were one or two more nice comments!

I'm still not in love with going headless, but I had to to drive safely, and people did respond positively even so. Also now my parents, sisters, nibblings, and a couple who my sisters know who happened to be there, have all seen me in headless Spidey mode and acceptance rate is 100% so far. Wheeee.

So, ended up staying in suit from just before I checked out (about 1.30pm) until getting ready for bed time (near midnight). Admittedly with bare face a lot of that time, but still, attached shoes and gloves, plus my feet were still damp the whole day from when I was carrying my stuff to the car while it was trying to rain and the ground was wet.

While I hung around in the lobby in the early afternoon I grabbed some pics in front of the ConFuzzled banner (before they removed it). I also started feeling rather hungry and realised I had no idea what I was going to do for food today.

Aaaand checked out of ConFuzzled 2024. Sad face.

I'm most probably going to hang around for most of the day until Dead Dog, then drive home late this evening. If you want to meet I'm at the back of the bar area at the moment, might be more in the foyer at times. Being a Spidey, I am fairly recognisable! 😉

Last Spidey change of the con!
Another Spidey goin out!
Dumb doggy mode activate!
Off to the Ace meet!
This is happening. (Location: ConFuzzled)

Okay, well it looks like I've actually managed to do at least *something*!

(If you can't see all 10 attached pictures, try opening it on the original instance.)

Without, in particular, a head, I'm unlikely to show this off in public at ConFuzzled, but I'll certainly bring it, so maybe in private? Hopefully after this burst of progress after literal years of having the zip half-sewn in, I'll make the time to do the head/tail/feet within the next few months and maybe bring it to a Londonfurs meet sometime. That would be good.

Some things we saw while dog-walking yesterday.
Well, I took this in suburban London at almost exactly midnight UTC, looking north, and I don't see any swirlies! Unfortunately light pollution is pretty bad here; this was the darkest place I could find near my home. The first picture is a manual 2 second exposure, to try to bring out anything faint. The second was on auto, to confirm there were indeed stars showing, so there wasn't any cloud (it's often hard to distinguish between a clear light polluted sky and an overcast one; they both look like an orange smear).

@Odoben :neocat_flag_gay: :neurodiv: @taco, bird/cat :verified420: @sirlan This prompted me to look up the most expensive TLDs in my reseller account… why am I not surprised which one's top? 😉

Of course there are more expensive ones, like aweso.me, which are technically not available for registration; you'd be paying to buy it off the current registrant. Probably namebright/hugedomains, they seem to hog everything. (Oh, nope, that one's registered at namecheap, so it's not namebright as they would use their own registrar…)

In fact, looking at http://aweso.me/ my guess is that whoever's quoted a million bucks doesn't have it to sell, they'll just contact the registrant and try to make a deal if someone actually attempts to buy it.



I just spent a while catching up with my timeline (went from about 1.5 days behind to only about 4 hours behind) and just caught up with the part where people were talking about the aurora.

Ooh, I thought, I'm only a few hours behind, I could go and look. But no. It's nearly 5am and there's enough daylight that I couldn't see a faint aurora even if it's still happening (which I've no idea whether it is or not). Oh well.


Phew, that's been needing to be done for quite a while. Bike chain maintenance done for now. Cleaned, adjusted, lubed. Now all I need to do is ride it. (Tomorrow, hopefully!)

The chain was quite loose, needed 3½ flats on the adjuster nuts. I haven't done that in years. I've been riding it so little the last few years though, I've not really needed to do the chain before the annual service takes care of it anyway. 🤷‍♂️

I like this photo that @Devilwuff took of me at ConFuzzled one year. Villainous enough? 😉
@Tryst 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 :ms_asexual_flag: :ms_cat_grin: @miunau If this wind energy collector looks good, there's no reason to think more modern ones will be an eyesore once we're used to seeing them around the place.

Content warning: CW: UK politics



I really must get out on the bike again soon. It's been too little for too long. (Also, I might be partly moving outside London sometime soon, too, so I might be more able to meet up with folks for rides!)


Because some of our family were doing something else last weekend, today is our substitute Easter. Half price eggs for all!

(Literally half price, these 8 big eggs cost us £20 total instead of the £40 they would have been last week. Win!)

Heccin wimdy today.
Gromit seriously needs, and deserves, all the hugs in the world.
I'm reminded of that xkcd about things that "everyone knows", which worked out how many people must be learning each such thing for the first time every day.

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