Hey folks!

Please do NOT report artists for sharing links to where their art is available to purchase!

Just DO NOT be such a jerk!

If you want artists to keep sharing their work on mastodon, this whole "absolute no commercial posts at all" attitude has to stop. There is a huge difference between a big corporate ad campaign and an individual artist posting a link to their own art shop.

Edit/Update: Well, this blew up. I'm muting now, and won't see replies.

#ArtForSale #art #visSocialTips

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Positive Climate News of last week 🦜

Norms are changing 🙌🏻
🌟 Right to Repair law passed in EU
🪡 Clothes factory becomes repair centre
🏞️ Off-road driving no longer makes for cool advertising
🍖 Majority of Europeans are eating less meat
and also
🐋 Blue whales return to the Seychelles
🐊 Borneo floodplains to be restored
🫗New York suing Pepsi over plastic in water

All made possible by PEOPLE working to make a change - join or support today 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼

#PositiveClimateNews #ClimateCrisis #Nature

More than half of Europeans are cutting down on meat
picture of person in kitchen cutting onions London factory aims to repair 30.000 garments a year
Toyota SUV ad banned in UK on environmental grounds 
Picture of a person sowing something
Positive Climate News of the week
Picture of green coast and blue ocean European Parliament adopts right to Repair law
Picture of hands dismantling a mobile phone
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im an activitypub truther i know the truth yall are just posting on a bunch of websites at once and trying to lie and say it's all connected
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Watching a mutual ask for printer recs and receive a chorus of tired tech folk going "Just get a Brother, they're fine" and man


Like this is actually kinda fascinating honestly, Brother is now the best printer brand, the one that every Computer Person recommends, and is it because their printers are good? Their printers are fine, they print, whatever, no, it's because everybody else's printers have gotten Innovated out the wazoo, every innovation making them way worse, until it's gotten to the point where I wouldn't have one in the house even if it were free, and meanwhile Brother's have remained consistently Fine I Guess, which now makes them the best printer manufacturer simply by virtue of them opting out of the Who Can Get Crappiest Fastest race

Brother have gotten to where they are now, by NOT innovating

EDIT 2023-11-27 2130 UTC: I muted this thread a while back because wew lad this got too big. I won't see your reply but the lurkers (and commentors) of Hacker News might.

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Sums it up nicely
Cartoon -Titanic captioned “World Leaders” approaching Iceberg captioned “Climate Change” with world leaders saying IT'S SETTLED... WE AGREE TO SIGN A PLEDGE TO HOLD ANOTHER MEETING TO CONSIDER CHANGING COURSE AT A DATE YET TO BE DETERMINED.
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James mastodon (AP)
except they’ve already hit the iceberg and are currently on the deck burning all the lifeboats while shooting the other passengers.
Renaud 🐾 ⏚ mastodon (AP)
But that's just the first stage of the rocket!

Good morning! Are you looking for your platform? Do you need a good bye hug to make your trip easier? Would you like to know where's a Vectron at the station?

Just ask the railway doggo! He'll be happy to help. 🥰 🧡

Have a great week! ✨

📸 Snowflake Furry Photographer (https://www.facebook.com/Snow.F.Photo)

#furry #fursuit #railwaydog

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Never feel bad for having principals, boundaries or having to walk away when needs are not being met (as long as they aren't excessive of course!). Never let others make you feel bad for this either. Stand by what you believe in. (Snowy pic 'cause its COLD!)

#Fursuit #Fursuiter #Fursuiting #FurryAnthro #FoxFursuit #FoxFursona #TerrenceTheFox #Furry #UKFur #FurryFandom

Terrence is walking away in a light snowfall
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I used to not get the point of people sharing screenshots of AI search engines telling them nonsense. Of course it's telling you nonsense, I thought. It's an AI. That's what it does

But then it dawned on me that many people don't realize that AIs are computer programs that tell you nonsense and make it seem plausible. And the more people realize that, the better. So keep posting

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Guess who’s going to @FurCon ?!?! Meeeee! I haven’t been to this con or even the west coast since 2019! Here’s a shot from my first trip there back in 2018 w/ Nev 2.0 and @mokiemutt

Speaking of Mokie, next weekend is his first con east of the Mississippi w/ MFF! If you see him say hi :)

#fursuit #fursuiter #fursuiting #mascot #furry #furries #furryfandom #fursuitphotography #foxfursuit #costume #cosplay #furcon #furcon24

Nev, a blue fox fursuiter and mokie, a doggo fursuiter pose for a photo together
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The sky was clear enough during last night's full moon that the light actually managed to generate a small amount of electrical power from one of our #solar #PV arrays!
Graph showing two solar PV arrays' voltage and power against time for the last 24 hours, with expected generation levels for the cloudy day yesterday but unexpected tiny levels of generation in the middle of the night
#solar #pv
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@NeoFox It was only able to generate about 10 watts, but I was really surprised it managed anything at all!
NeoFox mastodon (AP)
same! That's pretty incredible tbh, I never would've expected the moonlight to be as strong as that

Well that's the best visual metaphor for "AI" I've seen.
New Yoker magazine cover. Four panel cartoon. A writer is struggling for inspiration and has his head in his hands. He has a stack of blank paper and some screwed up pieces of paper scattered around. A robot introduces themselves and eagerly goes about transporming the paper... which they proudly present to the writer as a decorative pile of screwed up bits of blank paper.
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"internet landlords" do exist but it's not fucking admins on mastodon it's shit like AWS and domain name providers and ICANN
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The AI program “SHRDLU” that Terry Winograd wrote for his PhD thesis from 1968 to 1970 is much more interesting and much more exciting to me than any current LLM based generative AI. It reasoned. You could ask it how it accomplished its goals and it would tell you. It learned and remembered. And it did that using MUCH less computing power than your smartwatch has.
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keirFox mastodon (AP)
Fucking Dr. Sbaitso is more interesting than the LLMs out right now.
A screenshot from the MS DOS program "Dr. Sbaitso" with white text on a blue background showing the program introducing itself as a helpful psychiatrist to a user named "Dave".

Sticker commission for @Ferix, who thinks tubes are neat!
Cartoon fox holding up a vacuum tube saying "I just think they're neat".
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Phil M0OFX hometown (AP)
@Ferix They are pretty darn neat! Warm, spicy JFETs :)

And the U.S. is at, what, about 40%?
Percentages of fossil-free electricity mix in European countries (83-100%)
Juggling With Eggs mastodon (AP)

this post prompted me to check the UK’s energy mix:

Gas: 38.5%
Wind: 26.8%
Nuclear: 15.5%
Biomass: 5.2%
Coal: 1.5%
Solar: 4.4%
Imports (mixed source): 5.5%
Hydro: 1.8%
Energy storage: 0.9%

It’s a real shame we’re led by #Tories who couldn’t find a single bidder for latest round of offshore wind, but will open coal mines.


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#Furfest is just a week away! Who will I be seeing there? #MFF #mff2023 #fursuit https://mff2023.sched.com/kakurady
Blue and brown pigeon fursuiter with one hand across chest, behind is glass in front of drawn curtain, reflecting the skyline
Green and brown dragon fursuit in stairwell looking at the viewer, with one hand on railing and another waving
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A jury ruled that Trump committed violent sexual assault.

A judge ruled he committed financial fraud.

Now another judge has found (what we all saw for ourselves) that he engaged in an insurrection.

How is it possible that he's still a candidate for president?

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Nostalgia isn't as good as it used to be
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Bastett mastodon (AP)
I can't even.
Kay mastodon (AP)
@Bastett I guess you're at odds?

I can’t speak for you, but I learned about antisemitism and bigotry by being one of a few Jews in an all Catholic NY neighborhood. I would stagger my routes walking home from elementary school so various gangs of dopey, fakely pious thugs wouldn’t beat the shit out of me “for killing Christ.” Despite my best efforts, they still landed plenty of blows over the years. I doubt most people ever get over that kind of experience. To this day, I’m not totally sure that I did.
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Pippin friendica
Having seen a few mentions of a new Doctor Who episode on here, I was wondering why it hadn't turned up on our Tivo. Turns out there is now yet another series named "Doctor Who" which showed its first episode a few days ago, which is unconnected with the "Doctor Who" series that's been going for the last decade or two, which itself is apparently not part of the series of the same name that ran from the 1960s to the 1980s. At least, according to our Tivo's database. So, I set up a new series link for this "new" series and we *should* *hopefully* get the rest of the series recorded and presented to us. *sigh*

The first doctor. Doc Rat golden oldie DR2593 #DocRat #ComicStrip #Comic #Cartoon #Medical #Furry First published 20160817
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The timestamp on this Tumblr post hurts extra.
In March 2018, user ChurchyardGrim wrote: "if you’re not angry you’re not paying attention" used to be such a powerful phrase, but now it’s more accurate to say "if you’re not angry you’re probably exhausted by more than five years of Panic Outrage Mode, and are nearing the limit of your emotional range for reacting to this shit.”
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I think I’ll hurkle-durkle tomorrow
Word of the day: HURKLE-DURKLE A 200 year-old Scottish term meaning to lounge in bed long after it's time to get up. Happiness is HURKLE-DURKLING.
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seewolfDE mastodon (AP)
<oh - ich hörkeldörkel auch gerne mal!
CheRosach mastodon (AP)
@seewolfDE your optimism is inspiring 😄

If I were to write an ActivityPub server, I would simply not use Rails.
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Tailsy mastodon (AP)
Kat the Leopardess mastodon (AP)
Do you even *need* to use Rails?

Yes, I use strong #encryption.

Why, no, I don't have anything to #hide.

I also #mail my #correspondence in #opaque #envelopes, rather than on the backs of #postcards.

No, I don't have anything to hide there, either.

#Normalize encryption.

There is no such thing as "#lawful #access". Encryption is #math. There is no math that the "good guys" can do but which cannot be done by the "bad guys".

Anyone who suggests different is #lying, to #spy on you.

#Fight them.

#StrongEncryption #EEE

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ADHD'ers of the world Unite! You have nothing to lose but your keys, phone, place in your book...
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Charlie mastodon (AP)
...train of thought... 😆

I knew the Dunning-Kruger effect wasn't valid, but thanks to this post I finally understand why: "The Dunning-Kruger Effect is Autocorrelation"
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Mostly packed for MFF! Let the panic start! Tikka looks forward to seeing you there!
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Random fursuit photos from the archives.

Gilda Griffon and Waji Meerkat battling it out during Midwest FurFest 2014.

Gilda is @SydneyRoo & Waji is @yippee

An orange & cream meerkat fursuit with a grumpy expression and wearing a ‘bah humbug’ Christmas hat having its tail pulled by a fursuit of Gilda Griffon from ‘My Little Pony’. Gilda is brown and white with purple highlights and wearing a backpack shaped like Rainbow Dash. An orange & cream meerkat fursuit with a grumpy expression and wearing a ‘bah humbug’ Christmas hat being loomed over by a fursuit of Gilda Griffon from ‘My Little Pony’, who is in a threatening position with claws raised. Gilda is brown and white with purple highlights and wearing a backpack shaped like Rainbow Dash.
An orange & cream meerkat fursuit with a grumpy expression and wearing a ‘bah humbug’ Christmas hat recoiling from a yellow clawed hand belonging to a fursuit of Gilda Griffon from ‘My Little Pony’. Gilda is brown and white with purple highlights, looking away from the meerkat in a sassy pose. An orange & cream meerkat fursuit with a grumpy expression and wearing a ‘bah humbug’ Christmas hat holding a paw out towards a fursuit of Gilda Griffon from ‘My Little Pony’. Gilda is bending backwards to avoid the meerkat’s paw. Gilda is brown and white with purple highlights and wearing a backpack shaped like Rainbow Dash.
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K, I apparently am late to the "sharks have been around for a ridiculously long time" thing. I mean, I know they're ancient, but I really did not have a clue just how ancient, relative to other "things that have been around forever".

The one that blew my mind is the age of sharks relative to the existence of the universe.

By our best understanding, the Big Bang happened about 13.8 billion years ago. Sharks have existed on Earth for about 450 million years. That means sharks have existed for approximately 3% of the entirety of the existence of the Universe.

Standard "some things that sharks are older than" list:

  • Saturn's rings (~100 million years old)
  • The Pleiades cluster (75-150 myo)
  • One galactic orbit of the sun (200-225 my)
  • North Star, aka Polaris (estimated at ~70 myo)
  • The Atlantic Ocean (~150 myo)
  • Pangea (formed ~335 million years ago)
  • Trees (390 myo)
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we are at the point where someone is less trustworthy if they always use their real name on the internet
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White suburbanites: WhY dOn'T tHeM pOoRs JuSt PuLl ThEsSeLvEs Up By ThE bOoTsTrApS?
What radicalized you?

Kaitlyn Greenidge

When we lived in public housing my mom started a community garden to grow food to save money and to occupy the kids that lived there and the public housing authority came & pulled out all the plants and poured bleach into the ground to destroy it. Because gardens weren't allowed.
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Whenever I explain my #research at Google into mobile text editing, I'm usually met with blank stares or a slightly hostile "Everyone can edit text on their phones, right? What's the problem?"

Text editing on mobile isn't ok. It's actually much worse than you think, an invisible problem no one appreciates. I wrote this post so you can understand why it's so important.
#UXDesign #UX

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Hey, if anyone ever worried about the safe zones of a Mastodon banner image, I got you covered. Pink areas are obscured by the mobile website, blue are obscured by the desktop website. The second one is a transparent PNG that you can just paste in as a new layer in Photoshop, Krita, CSP, etc, at the maximum 1500x500 pixels.
A white rectangle with blue and pink areas around te edge.
The same image, but with transparency instead of white.
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I am feeling called out by the top half of this @actuallyautistic
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The Conservatives: the party of change.
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Every time I read about how obvious a test for an AGI is going to be, I have to think about the Yosemite park ranger.
Screen shot of a tweet by @mathematicsprof with the text:

Quote by a forest ranger at Yosemite National Park on why it is hard to design the perfect garbage bin to keep bears from breaking into it: "There is considerable overlap between the intelligence of the smartest bears and the dumbest tourists."
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I wonder if we're doing #politics wrong? In almost all countries.

Can be difficult not to under estimate the help one has received in life, & to over estimate self reliance & personal input

Isn't that the root of much selfish behaviour, thinking, voting, politics:
believing "I made it on my own"?

Maybe we should positively & nostalgically but clear eyed remind people of all #healthCare & #education they got as children, #housing/job market security, #community etc their parents had access to

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DaywalkingRedhead mastodon (AP)

Defying Doomsday by Tsana Dolichva and Holly Kench is one of my favorite collections of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction. It is all stories of disabled protagonists, and offers many POV that ableds never consider. It’s not necessarily the stories we need - it’s direct defiance of the ableist tropes. But I would love to read books that are clear on how we as a species have survived to this point - by taking care of each other.

Max Brooks World War Z was notable for that - the narrator advocated clearly for survivors collecting others, as the more people you have, the more diverse skill sets, interests and abilities - that those who build community survive, and those who don’t… go the way of LAMOE - last man on earth, mostly suicides, or dead by accident that would have been survivable had others been there to help.

ArtBear on Mastodon mastodon (AP)
Yes, the power of diverse skillsets! Also thanks for the book recommend, sounds great, storylines + expanded POV for the reader.
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